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How to Sell My Estate Jewelry?  - Here are Some Tips!"

At  Sell-My-Diamonds.com, we are engaged in buying diamonds from consumers. We strive to offer a fair price and make a small but reasonable profit in the process, while we provide free shipping, insurance, estimates, and offers to our customers.  In order for us to begin the process, we need to make an initial determination to see if the item you wish to sell fits the current market.  Here are some tips on preparing your diamond for sale to us or to any dealer:

  1. The Importance of Good Photographs: Photos can reveal a wealth of information, allowing us to view the style and estimate the time period, and even make an educated guess as to the materials that would have been used in the jewelry (i.e., gold, platinum, silver, etc.).
  2. What is Estate vs. Antique Jewelry?  On our Jewelry History Museum, we have a listing of antique jewelry eras by dates, starting  with the early 1700's.   Estate jewelry is anything less than 100 years old and previously owned. Antique jewelry is over 100 years old.
  3. What Information We Need to Know About Your Jewelry. We need to know what stones are in your rings.  Many colored stones are synthetic (a process mastered as early as the mid 1800's). We need to know the approximate size and grade of your diamonds. This information can sometimes be obtained from a local jeweler, although it may not be accurate (See …. Other page we are writing).
  4. What is the Difference Between Consignment and Selling Outright? Many people consign jewelry, however your jewelry may be tied up for a long period of time while you wait for a potential buyer. Selling outright can get your money very quickly.

Your Safety is Assured - Ship to our Attorney, Bank, or Directly to us.

We are accredited with the Gemological Institute of America. We are full members of the Jewelers Board of Trade. Bank references are available upon request.

We buy estate jewelry and estate collections of any size and value. We offer prepackaged shipping boxes. Items can be shipped to our attorney, to our bank, or directly to us. Within one day of receipt of the package, we will make a cash offer or ship the items back, fully insured.

Estate items of all sizes will be considered. Payment is immediate. Our phone number is 800-747-7552.

We have agents in many major cities who are able to review estate lots in person.

We Are Also Seeking Excess Inventories From Other Jewelers.

We can provide an international market for independent jewelers. We are actively seeking to buy antique pieces from every period. We specialize in antique and estate jewelry and we have customers who buy from us worldwide. We also have a network of dealers who can appraise, value, or sell by consignment for us. Do not be limited by your local market. Contact us to create an ongoing business relationship.


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