How to sell my estate jewelry

Tips and Tricks and Common Questions

At, we exclusively buy diamonds, fine gemstones and estate jewelry. Owned and operated by Joden Jewelry, we have been in business for over 44 years. With our experience and understanding of the diamond and fine jewelery market, we are able to offer the fairest price for diamonds and estate items and in most cases we can provide a pre-sale estimate before you send us what you have to sell.  In order to begin the process, we need to make an initial determination to see if the item you wish to sell fits the current market. Here are some tips on preparing your diamond for sale to us or to any dealer:

1.  Provide a good quality photograph: Photos can reveal a wealth of information, allowing us to view the style and estimate the time period, and even make an educated guess as to the materials that would have been used in the jewelry (i.e., gold, platinum, silver, etc.).

2.  Tell us as much as you can about your jewelry: Any information you may have such as the carat weight of your stone, the grade of your diamonds or colored stones, whether the item has a certificate, and any markings you can see can be very helpful to us in determining what your item is worth.

3.  You contact information: Let us know the best way to contact you!

Common Questions:

1.  What is Estate vs. Antique Jewelry? Estate jewelry is anything less than 100 years old and previously owned. Antique jewelry is over 100 years old. See our Jewelry History Museum page where we have a listing of antique jewelry eras by dates, starting with the early 1700’s.

2.  Is it safe to ship you my item? Your safety is assured. You may ship to our attorney, our bank or directly to us. We are accredited with the Gemological Institute of America and are full members of the Jewelers Board of Trade. Our bank references are available upon request and we encourage everyone to contact Beth Black, President of the Grove City chamber of commerce as an initial reference.  Their phone number is 724.458.6410 or visit their website at:

3.  What do you buy? We buy diamonds and fine gemstones that are over 1 carat in size as well as vintage, antique and estate jewelry. We purchase collections of every size and value. We also purchase fine watches such as Rolex, Cartier and others. Payment is immediate.

4.  Do you only purchase from individuals? We purchase from individuals and jewelers that are looking to sell excess inventory.

5.  What is the difference between consignment and selling outright? Many people consign jewelry, however, your jewelry may be tied up for a long period of time while you wait for a potential buyer. Selling outright can get your money to you very quickly.

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